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The future of online casinos may not lie with slot games or spinning roulette wheels. Already a new wave of online casinos spear-headed by names like Rizk, Casumo and Dunder are replacing traditional loyalty plans with player journeys and wheels of fortune, and using leader-boards which allow slot players to compete against one another.

Now real money video games are seen as a major part of the future of online casino gambling. When we think of skill based gambling games, we think primarily of card games such as Blackjack and Poker. However these traditional casino games may not appeal to younger audiences for whom Playstation and X-box consoles represent their idea of online gaming. In an effort to woo this younger crowd, casinos are looking at creating real money video games which allow you to gamble on your playing ability.

The first of these games have already arrived at land-based casinos in Atlantic City, and it is only a matter of time before they make the transition to online casinos.

This real money video game gambling revolution is being led by two US-based companies at the moment: GameCo and Gamblit Gaming. Both of these young companies have already debuted a number of very interesting titles which allow players to gamble on the outcome of games, and where the skill of the player will directly affect how much they can win. This movement has been made possible because in legislators in the US legalized skill based gambling, meaning that it is now possible to visit selected Atlantic City casinos to test your gaming skills for real money.

One of the very first of these skill based gambling games was Danger Arena from GameCo, which is a first-person shooter where players are rewarded for how many killer robots they can kill in a given time period. The same two companies came up with racing game Breakneck, while Gamblit developed a pinball game called Playboy Pinball Casino. Of course, casinos are not about to offer players games which are going to lose them money, so although the outcome of these games is affected by the skill level of the player, the casino is still going to make a profit in the long run.

For example in the Danger Area game the player will need to shoot 6 robots in order to make back his money, but sometimes the game will not feature that many killable robots and so there is no way to win. For now most of these real money video games are only available in Nevada and New Jersey, but skill based games like these are now also available online. Of course there are a lot of legal hoops to jump through before online gaming for real money becomes a reality, but with the successful launch of the games in land-based casinos it seems certain that online versions will follow somewhere down the road.

The possibilities are limitless: from sports titles to word games and all points in between. You can be confident that the opportunity to gamble on your video gaming skills via your smartphone or laptop will soon be a reality. Discover more about the History of Slot Machines here.

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