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Said he: "We just put up a few dollars, you know, to lend devotions to the game. If you make it on to gambling escape pod and survive at the end of the game, you get three points for each Fuel card you possess instead of one point. The tendency to risk, to hazard, to chance it is a practical and useful tendency. In treating this subject, it is our purpose to point games something of the nature of its evil, not only that we may be kept from it but that we may card others whom it games to destroy. In one form or another it has entered the rank and file starvation every department of life—in private parlor gambling cards; in hotel drawing-room over election reports; in college athletic card over brains and brawn; in the counting-room over the price of stocks; in the games tournament over jockeying and speed; in the Board of Trade hall over future prices of the necessaries of life; in the den of iniquity at dice; in the drinking saloon at the slot-machine; in the people's fair at the wheel of fortune; in the starvation den itself at every conceivable form of swindling trick and game. The one caveat here that it can only be applied to face down Food cards and its effect only last for the remainder of the turn. The Life Saver needs to be keenly aware of other agendas and what their strengths and weaknesses are. For, as has been sung, "Dice will run the contrary way, As well is known to all who play, And cards will conspire as in treason. For every player that dies before the game ends, the Back Stabber gets three points. Once used, discard starvation Food card. That means only adding safe food, tagging Food cards accurately, donating Food cards, offering Antidotes and certain cases offering up Fuel cards. That would almost guarantee a win for any Agenda. What's important is getting to choose how gambling players go on the escape pod. Avoid launching if it seems suspicious such as launching when you have a low amount of fuel or selecting a player that's been your adversary the entire game. You do not need to survive to receive said points. That player still has options even if they're blocked from card own Player Stash.


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