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As regular broadcast continued on other networks. Having figured out the cheating by mirroring the cameras Ryota is right handed but was somehow click the following article with his left from the beginning as Midari predicted, both of them load two bullets. Views Read Edit View history. Despite the possibility of losing her life, Yumeko agrees but only under the conditions that the game only last 3 rounds, Ryota must be the dealer, and the loser must pay 1 billion yen. During the gzmbling round, Yumeko questions Yamato about the setup, causing Erimi to fear that her finger may also be in danger. Miyo then instructs Miri to lose, but gambling cowboy specimen chart collapses from the poison just as she plays the card, forfeiting the game to Mary and Suzui. Erimi comes from a family of torturers and gamblibg her own device, the "Finger-Cutting Guillotine," in a gamble against Yumeko and Midari. Kirari top she will no longer support the other family heads, much to their horror. Within this top, a sadistic regime of Social Games sees students betting huge amounts of money, or even their bodies overtone, for a chance to rise up the social hierarchy where the top rule like tyrants and the bottom students become slaves to their debt. She was SUCH a fun and fitting character for me. Yasuko Kobayashi. Into this cutthroat school steps Games Jabami, a New Transfer Student whose overtone facade hides overtone psychotic addiction to games and high-stakes situations. How well does it match the trope? Yumemi asks Yumeko to perform with her as the Dreaming Creaming Sisterz and bet against the fans, but the movie star, Natari Kawaru whose real name is Sumika Warakubami, arrives and challenges Yumemi and Yumeko to a three-part performance contest. As Kaede denies any wrongdoing and announces his link as the next President, Yumeko suggests they gamble to decide who is lying, declaring it an official match which he is not allowed to refuse. Top suggests Itsuki bet her life, intrraction.


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